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First Aid
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Training Courses
CodeCourse NameAdvertiseType
24HAZ2424 Hazwoper 
24MSHA2424 MSHA01015,01005,01010,00030,01016,
24HAZ88 Hazwoper Refresher01005,01016,00030,
24MSH88 MSHA Refresher01015,00030,01005,
19ABLEABLE Industrial Company Site Specific01010,
24ALAerial Lift01002,00030,01005,
19AERIALAerial Lift Safety Awareness01002,00030,
24ALTTTAerial Lift Train the Trainer01005,00030,01002,01010,01018,
19ALRSMRAir Liquid Rodeo SMR Site-Specific01010,
12108AIRAir Liquide MRPL Site Orientation01010,
19ALSWPAir Liquide Work Permitting Process01010,
19ASBOILAltairStrickland Boilermaker01007,
19ALCUIAltairStrickland Corrosion Under Insulation01010,
19ASFIREAltairStrickland Fire Watch01010,
19ASFOREAltairStrickland Foreman01010,
19ASFORKAltairStrickland Forklift01010,
05ALHSPAltairStrickland Hand Signal Person01010,
19ASHELPAltairStrickland Helper01010,
19ASLABAltairStrickland Laborers01010,
19ASPIPEAltairStrickland Pipefitter01010,
19ASRIGAltairStrickland Rigging01007,
19ASPROSAltairStrickland Safety Professional01010,
19ALTAIRAltairStrickland Safety Training01007,01010,00026,00030,
12SAFASBAsbestos Awareness SAF00030,01005,01019,
12SAFBKCBack Safety - SAF00030,01019,
19BGC1Bartlett Group Carpenter 1 Orientation01010,
19BGC1SBartlett Group Carpenter 1 Orientation Spanish01010,
19BGH1Bartlett Group Helper 1 Orientation01010,
19BGH1SBartlett Group Helper 1 Orientation Spanish01010,
19BGH2SBartlett Group Helper 2 Orientation Spanish01010,
19BGINBartlett Group Insulation Orientation01010,
19BGINSBartlett Group Insulation Orientation Spanish01010,
19BGLMSBartlett Group Lead Man Orientation Spanish01007,
19BGNHBartlett Group New Hire Orientation01007,
19BGNHSBartlett Group New Hire Orientation Spanish01010,
24BOPBasic Orientation Plus - ARSC Reciprocal00030,00025,01010,01008,
24BOPRBasic Orientation Plus Refresher - ARSC Reciprocal 
24BRRBasic Rigging00030,
19RIG1Basic Rigging Part 101002,00030,
19RIG2Basic Rigging Part 201002,00030,
24BASTOWBasic Towing00030,
19BENZENBenzene Awareness00030,
A19BBPBloodborne Pathogens (ARSC)00030,00025,
12SAFBBPBloodborne Pathogens - SAF00030,01019,
08CHALMChalmette Refinery01007,01010,00030,01016,00026,
19CHMLPChemours - La Porte Plant00026,
19CRVIChromium VI00030,
19CHSCHS Laurel Refinery Site Specific01007,00026,00030,01010,
19CHSMCPCHS McPherson Refinery Safety Orientation01010,00030,00026,01007,
13CITCSACitgo Confined Space Attendant01007,
13CITSCFCitgo Scaffold Lake Charles01007,
13CITGOCitgo Site Specific Lake Charles01007,
19CLEANCleaning Up Small Chemical Spills00030,
24BRCCoached Basic Orientation Plus Non Reciprocal00030,00025,01010,
19COLDCold Stress00030,
12SAFCPGCompressed Gas - SAF00030,01019,
A19CSEConfined Space (ARSC) - Computer Based00025,01006,00030,01005,01016,
12SAFCSConfined Space (Awareness) - SAF01019,00030,01006,
24CSEConfined Space - Instructor Led01006,00030,
24CSAConfined Space Attendant - Instructor Led01006,00030,
24CSSConfined Space Supervisor01006,00030,
24CPRCPR Training01003,
24CPRFATCPR/First Aid, Adult, Instructor Development Course01004,01003,01018,00030,01005,
24CSRESCS Rescue Tank01006,00030,
12SAFDDDefensive Driving - SAF01011,01019,00030,
24DDC4ONDefensive Driving 4hr Online (NSC)01011,01012,
24DDC8Defensive Driving 8hr (NSC) 
24DDCINDefensive Driving Instructor Course01018,
12SAFDOTDOT HAZMAT Transportation Security - SAF00030,01019,
24DCARTDuplicate Card Artesia 
24DCCHEYDuplicate Card Cheyenne 
24DCELDDuplicate Card El Dorado 
24DNEODyno Nobel New Employee Orientation00030,
24DNSSDyno Nobel Site Specific 
19WREFSPEl Paso Refinery Site -Specific Spanish01010,
12SAFELEElectrical Safe Work Practices - SAF00030,01019,
A19ENQElectrical Safety (ARSC) 
24ESTElectrical Safety Training 
19ELWElevated Work 
A19ELWElevated Work (ARSC)00025,00030,
12EMPSCEmpire Scaffold New Employee Orientation 
09ENPEnterprise Contractor Video 
09EMPBMWEnterprise Products Beaumont Marine West 
09ENPHROEnterprise Products Houston Region Offsites01010,
19ENPHROEnterprise Products Houston Region Offsites01010,
09ENPHSCEnterprise Products Houston Ship Channel 
09ENPMBEnterprise Products Mont Belvieu Site Specific 
12SAFERGErgonomics - SAF01019,00030,
19EGHRECEvergreen Hazard Recongnition01010,
19EGNHEvergreen New Hire Training01010,
19EGHZMTEvergreen North America Industrial Services Hazmat Training01010,
19EGVHBEvergreen Vacuum Truck and Hydroblasting Orientation01010,
24EXCOMExcavation Competent Person 
19EXCLC1Excel Modular Scaffold Carpenter 1 Orientation01007,
19EXCLH1Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 1 Orientation01007,
19EXCLH2Excel Modular Scaffold Helper 2 Orientation01007,00030,
19EXCLMExcel Modular Scaffold Lead Man Orientation01007,
19EMBRAExxon Mobil Billings Refinery Alky Orientation 
19EMBRExxon Mobil Billings Refinery Safety Orientation 
12EXMOBRExxonMobil Site Orientation - Baton Rouge00026,
19FSAFacility Security Awareness00030,
24FALLFall Protection 
12SAFFPCFall Protection - SAF01019,00030,
03FHRSWPFHR Safe Work Practices Web01010,
19FIREFire Awareness01005,
12SAFFEXFire Extinguisher Basics - SAF00030,01019,
19EXTCFire Extinguisher for Construction00025,
24FPPFire Prevention & Protection Training 
12SAFFIRFire Safety SAF01019,00030,
19FWATCHFire Watch General Awareness 
24FACPRFirst Aid/CPR & AED (NSC)01003,
24FLAGFlagger Instructor Training Course 
12SAFFSWForklift Safety - SAF00030,01019,01002,
19FORKLForklift Safety Awareness 
24FLNHSFort Laramie National Historic Site Basic Plus Suitcase Training 
24TXBRSPgenisysalkali Basic Rigging and Signal Person01007,00030,01015,01005,
A19GHSGlobally Harmonized System (GHS) (ARSC) 
12SAFHZCHazard Communication (HAZCOM) - SAF01019,01016,00030,
12SAFHZ1HAZWOPER First Responder Awareness - SAF01019,01016,00030,
A19HCNHearing Conservation (ARSC)00030,
12SAFHCSHearing Conservation - SAF00030,01019,01016,
12AFHTSHeat Stress - SAF00030,01019,
24HFELDAHollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - El Dorado, KS01007,01010,01008,
24HFNAVAHollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - Artesia, NM01007,00026,01008,01010,
24HFCHYAHollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - Cheyenne, WY01007,01010,01008,00026,
24HFWXAHollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - Woods Cross, UT01007,01010,01008,00026,
24HFLSPHollyFrontier Life Saving Principles00026,00030,01008,01010,
24HFNAVHollyFrontier Site Orientation - Artesia, NM00026,01008,01007,01010,
24HFCHYHollyFrontier Site Orientation - Cheyenne, WY01008,00026,01010,
24HFELDHollyFrontier Site Orientation - El Dorado, KS00026,01007,01008,01010,
24HFTULHollyFrontier Site Orientation - Tulsa, OK00026,01007,01010,01008,
24HFWXHollyFrontier Site Orientation - Woods Cross, UT00026,01007,01008,01010,
12HCAAM1HydroChem Advanced Air Machines 1 
12HCAAM2HydroChem Advanced Air Machines 2 
12HCAAM3HydroChem Advanced Air Machines 3 
12HCAHB1HydroChem Advanced Hydroblasting 1 
12HCAHB2HydroChem Advanced Hydroblasting 2 
12HCALV1HydroChem Advanced Liquid Vacuum Tanker 1 
12HCALV2HydroChem Advanced Liquid Vacuum Tanker 2 
12HCBAMHydroChem Basic Air Machine 
12HCBLVTHydroChem Basic Liquid Vacuum Tanker 
12HCELDHydroChem DOT Entry Level Driver01007,
12HCDTHZHydroChem DOT Hazmat 
12HCHOSHydroChem DOT Hours of Service01007,
12HCPTVIHydroChem DOT Pre/Post Trip Vehicle Inspection 
12HCHAZ1HydroChem Hazwoper Part 1 Orientation 
12HCHAZ2HydroChem Hazwoper Part 2 Orientation 
12HCHAZ3HydroChem Hazwoper Part 3 Orientation 
12HCBLMTHydroChem HydroBlasting Maintenance Orienta 
12HCBLASHydroChem HydroBlasting Safety Orientation 
12HYNHHydroChem New Hire Orientation01007,
12HCPCNHydroChem Pipe Cleaning 
12HCRSHydroChem Reasonable Suspicion 
12HCDRVHydroChem Safe Driving is No Accident 
12HCSFCNHydroChem Surface Cleaning 
12HCTBCNHydroChem Tube Cleaning 
12HCVCMTHydroChem Vacuum Maintenance Orientation 
12HCVACHydroChem Vacuum Safety Orientation 
12HCSGIHydroChemPSC General Industry01010,
12HPSCLPHydrochemPSC Mini LPS00026,
12SAFH2SHydrogen Sulfide - SAF00030,01019,01016,
19H2S1Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness (H2S) 
A12H2SHydrogen Sulfide H2S - ARSC Reciprocal 
12IBVNEOIberville - New Hire Orientation 
19ICTFPInternational Cooling Tower - Fall Protection (19ICTFP)01007,
19ICTInternational Cooling Tower Company-Specific (19ICT)01007,
06INVVTXINVISTA Victoria Site Specific00026,
12AFLABLaboratory Safety SAF00030,01019,
12SAFLDLead - SAF00030,01019,
24LTOLift Truck01005,
24LTOFLift Truck Operator Facilitator (NSC)01002,00030,
19LIMBAYLimetree Bay Terminals00026,
A19LTOLock Out/Tag Out (ARSC) 
12SAFLTOLock Out/Tagout SAF00030,01019,
07MO-HFMarathon HF Acid 
19WREPLTMarathon Petroleum El Paso Refinery Permitting and Lockout/Tagout01007,01015,
19WREFMarathon Petroleum - El Paso Site Specific01007,01016,
19GALLUPMarathon Petroleum - Gallup Refinery Site Specific01008,00026,
12MARLAMarathon Petroleum Site Orientation - Garyville, LA 
07MO-SCMarathon Safety Critical 
07MOMarathon Site 
08MAR-EMarathon Site Specific Orientation01010,
12SAFMARMarine (Port) SAF00030,
19MTXCUTMatrix Service Angle Grinder and Oxy-Acetylene Cutting 
19MTXBMBMatrix Service Boilermaker Assessment01007,01010,
19MTXREFMatrix Service C-Stop Refresher01007,
19MTXLAYMatrix Service Layout Pipefitter Skills Assessment01007,
19MTXPFBMatrix Service Pipefitter Skills Assessment 
19MTXAIRMatrix Service Supplied Air 
19MTXGENMatrix Service Turnaround General Worker Craft Assessment01007,
19NCRAMMcPherson Refinery Safety Orientation Training01007,
12MOSFMosaic Florida Concentrates Site Specific01010,
19NORMNatural Radioactive Materials (NORM)00030,
12SAFOFSOffice Safety SAF00030,01019,
19OQABNOperator Qualification Abnormal Condition & Safety00030,
19OVERHOverhead And Gantry Crane Safety01002,00030,
19P2SP2S Company Specific – Plant Performance 
19P66SFRP66 SFR Contractor Site Specific Orientation - Rodeo, CA00026,
19PARFABParFab Field Services Safety Training01010,
12SAFPCBPCB Awareness - SAF00030,01019,
24PECSAFPEC SafelandUSA01005,
12SAFPPEPersonnel Protective Equipment - SAF00030,01019,
19P66BPhillips 66 Billings Refinery Contractor Orientation01007,01010,01016,00026,
19P66BHFPhillips 66 Billings Refinery HF Alky Unit Orientation01007,01010,01016,00026,
15P66BORPhillips 66 Borger Refinery Contractor Orientation 
19POWELLPowell Service Division U.S. Safety Training01007,
19PTOOLPowered Hand Tools Awareness00030,
24PPEPPE Training 
A19PSMProcess Safety Mgmt (ARSC) 
12SAFRADRadiation Safety - SAF00030,01019,
24FIT3MFRespirator Fit Test 3M Full Face01005,01013,
24FIT3MHRespirator Fit Test 3M Half Face01005,01013,
24FITMSARespirator Fit Test MSA Ultra Elite Half Face01005,01013,
24FITNFRespirator Fit Test North Full Face01005,01013,
24FITNHRespirator Fit Test North Half Face01005,01013,
24FITSCTRespirator Fit Test Scott AV01005,01013,
A19RSPRespiratory Protection (ARSC)00030,
12SAFRESRespiratory Protection - SAF01019,00030,01013,01005,
24RSSKIDRoad Smart with Skid Training01011,
19SA5Safety Awareness00030,
12SAFSafety Awareness Fundamentals - General Industry - SAF00030,01019,
24SCAFFScaffold & Ladder Training 
19SCAFUSScaffold User00030,
12SAFSCFScaffolding - SAF00030,01019,
24SCISSScissor Lift Trainer 
19SXHESexual Harrassment00030,
19SHELMZShell Martinez Refinery Site Specific01016,00026,
24SRBCSinclair Wyoming Refinery Background Check 
12SAFSTFSlips, Trips, and Falls - SAF01019,00030,
19SHCStronghold Companies, LTD. General Safety & Health Annual Refresher01010,
19SHSFLMStronghold Specialty Front Line Management Training 
19SUNCORSuncor Energy Commerce City Refinery01007,00026,01009,01010,
19TLAPOTesoro Los Angeles Refinery 
19TLARCTesoro Los Angeles Refinery Carson 
19TSHSEOTotal Safety New Hire HSE 
19TOWTowing Trailers00030,
19TPCTPC Group Houston01007,
19TPCCATPC Group Houston Confined Space Attendant Training 
19TPCCETPC Group Houston Confined Space Authorized Entrant Training01007,
19TPCETTPC Group Houston Excavation and Trenching Training01007,
19TPCLCTPC Group Houston Life Critical Training01007,
19TPCFWTPC Houston Fire Watch and Hot Work Observer Training01007,
12SAFTEXTrenching and Excavation - SAF01019,00030,
19TWSTurnaround Welding Services00026,
19TWSBMTurnaround Welding Services Boilermaker Assessment01007,
19TWSBWTurnaround Welding Services Bottle Watch Assessment01007,
19TWSCSTurnaround Welding Services Confined Space Assessment01007,
19WSFWTurnaround Welding Services Fire Watch Assessment01007,
19TWSFORTurnaround Welding Services Foreman Assessment01007,
19TWSPFTurnaround Welding Services Pipefitter Assessment01007,
19TWSSPTurnaround Welding Services Signal Person Assessment 
19TWSWLDTurnaround Welding Services Welders Assessment01007,
19TWSRIGTurnaround Welding Servicres Riggers Assessment01007,
12SAFUWAUniversal Waste for Employees - SAF01019,01005,00030,
12SAFUWSUniversal Waste for Supervisors - SAF01019,01005,00030,
20VLE04Valero Bundle Pad Operations01010,
20VLE03AValero Confined Space01010,
20VLE01Valero Energy Memphis Site Orientaion01010,
20VLE02Valero Lockout Tagout01010,
19VPPVoluntary Protection Program - Introduction00030,
12SAFWSLWarning Signs and Labels - SAF00030,01019,
19WJTAWaterJet Technology Association Training 
12SAFWCBWelding, Cutting, and Brazing - SAF00030,01019,
24DEDCLDWMSC Driver's Education Program 30 hr Classroom + Driving01017,
24DEDCLOWMSC Driver's Education Program 30 hr Classroom Only01017,
24DEDDROWMSC Driver's Education Program Private Driving Lessons Only01017,
19WYATTWyatt Field Service 
19WYATGSWyatt Field Service Grinder Safety 
19WYAHNDWyatt Field Service Hand Safety Awareness 
19WYAJHAWyatt Field Service JHA Company Specific 
19WYARSCWyatt Field Service Respirable Silica Worker Competent Person Training01010,
19WYATSTWyatt Field Service Supervisor Training 
19WSPHRWyatt Field Signal Person Hand/Radio